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Ghosts of Weimar Past is a program of musical time travel, in which we honor the spirit of cabaret and vaudeville from the birth to the death of Weimar Berlin.  From the gritty 20s, tumultuous 30s, and uncertain 40s, cabaret existed— most importantly, as a way to criticize and defy the faults of society.  Ghosts of Weimar Past is full of Marlene Dietrich standards, snippets from Anita Berber’s Dances of Depravity, and the LGBTQ+ anthems and anti-Nazi songs that were sung under the very nose of fascism.  Chanteuse Artemisia LeFay and the Orchestra of the Depraved resurrect the songs of Michael Jary, Mischa Spoliansky, Kurt Weill, Friederich Hollaender and more.

Ghosts of Weimar Past received a 2021 Broadway World Cabaret Award Nomination for BEST SHOW.

The star of the night with her powerful and imminently versatile vocals was our naughty hostess. Her range and her ability to alter her vocal production to fit the various song styles of Spoliansky, Holländer, and Weill bode tremendous things for the future of young Artemisia LeFay, including more successful time travel to Germany of the 1920s.  

Bobby Patrick, Broadway World

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2021-23 Debuts

Don't Tell Mama

The Triad

Birdland Jazz


Rockwood Music Hall

Laurie Beechman Theatre

The Red Room

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