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The star of the night with her powerful and imminently versatile vocals was our naughty hostess. Her range and her ability to alter her vocal production to fit the various song styles of Spoliansky, Holländer, and Weill bode tremendous things for the future of young Artemisia LeFay, including more successful time travel to Germany of the 1920s.

Bobby Patrick, Broadway World

With her rich, sure vocals, LeFay is a top-notch interpreter of this work.

Marilyn Lester, Theater Pizzazz

Guerrero is extraordinary. Not only does she understand the music of the era, she is that rare animal, an intuitive accompanist. 

Pat Wilson, The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe Festival

Chanteuse Artemisia LeFay and pianist Renée Guerrero will be joined by violinist Khullip Jeung and bassist Curren DeVico in a brand new show PHANTOMS OF THE CABARET at The Green Room 42 on Saturday, October 29th at 4pm. The group will conjure up rare cabaret gems dug up from the graveyards of early 20th century Europe to brand-new and historically inspired original cabaret pieces from chanteuse Artemisia LeFay's upcoming WASTED GIRL debut album. PHANTOMS OF THE CABARET is sure to be an unusually delightful diversion from the trappings of the world of the living.  Music by Spoliansky, Hollaender, Adlam, Bolcom, LeFay and more!  LeFay's original show GHOSTS OF WEIMAR PAST received a 2021 Broadway World Cabaret Award nomination for BEST SHOW.

Artemisia (914) 318-8222

Renée (917) 312-5513


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